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Euro Paddle Pass is a framework of paddle sport competency
in all kayaking/canoeing disciplines involving 11 National Federations across Europe.
Each National Paddlesport certification system meets the requirements
of the EPP standard within a specific discipline and ranging from levels 1 to 5.
Country members are: Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland.


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Euro Paddle Pass (EPP) arose from the cooperation between european countries to develop a common approach to Paddle Sport standards and assessments. Today 11 countries are in the EPP and more are expected to join.
EPP Core Group members representing their respective Federations meet twice a year to discuss standards and assessments to align paddle sport disciplines and levels. Core Group Meetings are generally held between February and March while Benchmark Events include kayaking/canoeing sessions in the water by the end of the season in October. During Benchmark Events, coaches from all countries observe assessments run by the country hosting the event in different disciplines to collect and develop informations about assessment mutual parameters.

Our Goals

  • Promote access to Paddle Sport through availability of cross discipline Standards.
  • Develop common approach to coaching and training standards in Paddle Sport.
  • Improve engagement between European Coaches and Federations.
  • Highlight educational and social value of Paddle Sport.
  • Endorse environmental awareness.

We inspire paddlers and coaches across europe to push for common health, adventure, enjoyment, friendship and performance.