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From October 6 to October 8 Nyköping, Sweden hosted a EPP benchmark event. 7 countries got together to measure, evaluate and develop the EPP technical standard.
It was decided to update several of the discipline specific standards and now the work to rewrite these will begin.
It was also decided til rename “Nordic seakayak” into “Touring”, branding it in a matter more widely recognized. This is in line with the decision from February where “Surfski” was re branded “Ocean racing”.
Finally several changes to the bylaws was approved following drafts made in February. This was done ensure that a complete overview of system, philosophy and content can be achieved by referring only to the bylaws and the technical standards.
Germany sought for, and achieved approval to deliver level 3 and 4 in Touring.
The next meeting will be March 2018, host is to be confirmed.


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