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Following up on a large number of tasked delegated at the last meeting and benchmark event a large a lot of progress was made.
A more defined framework and areas of responsibilities for participating NGB was was described and prepared to be entered into the bylaws.
An example of an assessment standard was discussed and will be prepared to enter into the bylaws as an example
A more developed description of each level of padler was discussed and prepared to enter into the bylaws
Following the decision to remove the very special geographical standards & add a formulation about the awareness of different environmental standards in each nation. Changes was made to the Level 4 sea kayak standard.
As a consequence the national education systems will take the local conditions into consideration.
Level 3 flatwater was also altered.
All member federations was allowed to deliver SUP level 1 & 2
Sweden allowed to deliver sea kayak Level 4
Germany allowed to deliver sea kayak Level 4
– Christian Jacobsen (DEN) reelected Chairman
– Anders Danielson (SWE) reelected Treassurer
– Casper Licht (DEN) elected Secretary


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